11:10 - October 11, 2017
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Sunni scholar in Lebanon stressed the need for implementing the messages of Imam Hussein’s (AS) Ashura uprising.

 Sunni Scholar Underlines Implementing Ashura’s Messages

Speaking at a seminar in Baalbek about the event of Ashura, Sheikh Bukr Refaei said the Ashura event was the confrontation of the truth and falsehood.

He said the messages and concepts of what happened in Karbala should be acted upon in everyday life.

Sheikh Refaei also said that the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions should be an occasion for enhancing Islamic unity.

The city’s Imam Khomeini Cultural Center hosted the seminar.

Another speaker was Arab world researcher and scholar Ibrahim Badawi who said the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) was the continuation of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) Seerah.

He said Islam would have been completely distorted if the Ashura uprising against Yazid’s rule had not happened.

Ashura marks the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and 72 of his faithful companions in 680 AD in a land that is known today as Iraq, after they refused to pledge allegiance to the tyrant Yazid.

The Battle of Karbala between a small group of supporters and relatives of Imam Hussein and a larger military detachment from the forces of the Umayyad caliph represents the war as one between good and evil.

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